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    Trump spent 45 minutes 'going off' on Tucker Carlson instead of sticking to critical agenda during coronavirus meeting, a former aide says

    The president derailed a critical agenda item about cruise ship evacuation procedures by criticizing the Fox News host, a former White House aide said.

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    Richmond man sentenced to 2 years less a day in jail for wedding day manslaughter

    Aneil Sanghera has been sentenced to two years less a day in jail and 18 months probation for the manslaughter of 41-year-old Pardeep Terry Dulay during a wedding ceremony at the Fraserview Hall in South Vancouver in 2017.Sanghera pleaded guilty last January. The two men were cousins, and the death caused a deep rift between the two families.During Sanghera's sentencing hearing last month the court heard that a fight broke out between Sanghera and Dulay on the balcony of the Fraserview Hall in Vancouver during the wedding celebration in 2017.The fight began when Dulay shoved Sanghera, leading to moments where both men gained the upper hand. However, it ended with Sanghera repeatedly kicking Dulay's unresponsive body on the floor.The Crown had asked for a sentence of four years.Impact on familyDuring the hearing, Dulay's family spoke of how his death has impacted them.Dulay's mother, Kalbir, described how when she is alone, she can still sometimes hear her son calling to her.She said that her family helped the Sangheras secure jobs at her late husband's company.Dulay's sisters also spoke, remembering their older brother, who they called Terry, as kind, mischievous and soft. They spoke of how he had struggled with drug addiction and the pride they felt that he was working through it.His youngest sister Aman spoke of how some days she feels numb, while other days are unbearable.His other sister Sandy, remembered being in the middle of the dance floor when she heard someone say Terry was hurt and the panic of the room as everyone rushed to the balcony.But she stopped at the doors after calling out her brother's name and receiving no response from the body on the floor. Her legs wobbled and she was unable to go any further, she said.Dulay left behind three young daughters.Targeted shooting against SangheraIn the defence's submission, lawyer Joven Narwal described a murder attempt against Sanghera in the fallout from the wedding.On May 4, 2018, Narwal said a masked man broke into the home of Sanghera's father-in-law, where Sanghera was staying. The man called out for Sanghera and eventually shot the father-in-law and a friend. Both survived.Sanghera was able to escape but Narwal explained how it led to Sanghera's diagnosis of PTSD.Delta police later confirmed there was evidence the shooting was motivated by the death at Fraserview Hall, Narwal told the court.The defence argued that the murder attempt and the effect it has had on Sanghera and his family are collateral consequences that should be taken into consideration when deciding the sentence.

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    Business Insider

    A Florida bar owner is banning customers from wearing masks and asking them to leave if they do

    Gary Kirby, owner of Westside Sports Bar and Lounge, said that anyone who refuses to take off their face covering will be asked to leave.

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    Popular Mechanics

    An Iceberg Might NOT Have Sunk the Titanic After All, a New Study Finds

    That's what this new study suggests. Here's the evidence.

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    Italian Open 2020: Novak Djokovic loses his cool again weeks after US Open default; Simona Halep in semis

    When Djokovic was broken at love to even the second set at 3-3, he slammed his racket to the red clay in anger. With the frame broken and the strings all mangled, Djokovic received a warning from the chair umpire.

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    Yahoo Celebrity UK

    Hugh Grant reckons his 5 children saved him from becoming a 'scary old bachelor'

    The actor is 'glad to the back' of the man he thought he was becoming prior to having children.