• This cannibalistic invasive species could be coming to your dinner table

    European green crabs are lean, mean and sometimes green — and they could soon become dinner. The invasive species is a voracious eater that can quickly devastate the delicate marine plants that provide food and habitat to other creatures.

  • Are you a mosquito magnet? Bring a chicken and don't drink beer

    With their all too familiar buzz and itchy bites, mosquitos are a general summer pest. Michael Edwards, director of strategic initiatives at Science East, said the most common reason why some people appear more delicious to the tiny blood suckers is their carbon dioxide output. Dark clothing and high contrast also attract mosquitos, so Edwards suggested anyone going out in the summer dress in light colours instead.

  • After 52 years, Aziz & Company closing doors for good

    At just 17 and a new mother, Zubeda Ujjainwala was told to go to university and focus on her education rather than help her husband, Aziz, run a newly opened store in Ottawa in 1965. 

  • LeBron had a 'Heavy Heart' after Kyrie Irving's trade request shocked the NBA

    Maybe LeBron just wanted us to know he likes Meek Mill's new record. Or maybe the King's sending social media messages again.

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  • Muslim designers push forward modest fashion movement

    Despite the arrest and subsequent release this week of a young Saudi woman wearing a miniskirt in a video that went viral, a growing number of Canadian fashion designers are looking to prove that fashion for Muslim women can be both modest and fun. "I'm just trying to take fun, playful designs and add them to apparel to represent misrepresented people in the fashion industry," she told CBC News while fitting her models for the fashion show. The young Muslim women modelling her clothes said they found wearing Mahdi's garments liberating.

  • Indonesian President orders officers to shoot drug traffickers

    Indonesia's President Joko Widodo has instructed law enforcement officers to shoot drug traffickers to deal with a narcotics emergency facing the country. "Be firm, especially to foreign drug dealers who enter the country and resist arrest. Shoot them because we indeed are in a narcotics emergency position now," Widodo said in a speech delivered at an event held by one of Indonesia's political parties late on Friday.

  • Canadians set record with U.S. real estate shopping spree

    New Brunswick's Joel Levesque had no idea he was helping set a record when he bought a home in Fort Myers, Fla., back in April. Real estate broker Brent Leathwood with Cross Border Realty in Sarasota, Fla., says he's seeing a steady stream of investors who feel the Canadian real estate market is near its peak and want to park their money elsewhere.

  • 9 Times Selena Gomez and Her Mom Were Cuter Than Everything (9 photos)

    Selena Gomez and her mom look alike and are super close. See all of their adorable moments here.

  • OJ Simpson to visit grave of ex-wife Nicole Brown he was accused of murdering

    OJ Simpson plans to pay his respects to the dead after he is released from prison earliest by 1 October. According to his friend Tom Scotto, the former American footballer who served nine years behind bars for multiple felonies relating to an armed robbery in 2007, plans to visit old family members, both living and dead. Scotto told The Sun that Simpson will visit the grave of his ex-wife Nicole Brown, who he was accused of murdering in 1994 along with a friend, Ronald Lyle Goldman.

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  • Pet cat and dog have ferocious UFC style fight

    A video has emerged from Latvia of a cat and a dog ferociously fighting each other in a garden on July 22. The pets' owner compared them to Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather who are set to fight on August 26.

  • US student freed after week held in China over taxi dispute

    An American university student is free following a weeklong detention in China for allegedly injuring a taxi driver who was roughing up his mother during a fare dispute, in a case that drew objections over the student's treatment from U.S. lawmakers. Guthrie McLean, a student at the University of Montana, was released from a detention centre in Zhengzhou early Monday, according to his mother, Jennifer McLean, a teacher who lives in the central Chinese city. "We are very, very very, very happy," Jennifer McLean wrote in an email to The Associated Press.

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  • Indonesia: Mud Volcano That Swallowed a Town and Has Been Erupting for 11 Years Baffles Scientists

    The world’s most destructive mud volcano was born near the town of Sidoarjo, on the island of Java, Indonesia, just over 11 years ago—and to this day it has not stopped erupting. The mud volcano known as Lusi started on May 29, 2006, and at its peak disgorged a staggering 180,000 cubic metres of mud every day, burying villages in mud up to 40 metres (131 feet) thick. The worst event of its kind in recorded history, the eruption took 13 lives and destroyed the homes of 60,000 people.

  • What Is Hypothyroidism And How Common Is It In US?

    The thyroid plays an important role by producing hormones that regulate the body’s metabolism, heart, brain, reproductive system, kidneys among others.

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  • Pain and scarring: Warning over chemical filled black henna tattoos

    Holidaymakers are being warned about the nasty side effects and long-term scarring that can be caused from black henna tattoos. James Colley, 18, went to Zante after finishing his exams earlier this month and decided to get one. As a boxing fan, he chose a similar style tattoo to Mike Tyson, who has a distinctive pattern on the left hand side of his face.

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  • The inventors of democracy would define the US as an oligarchy run by a tyrant

    The United States is not a humble country. Despite widespread voter suppression tactics and a criminal justice system that imprisons a higher percentage of black people than South Africa did during apartheid, Americans have a disconcerting tendency to insist that they live in the greatest democracy in the world. Not only is this claim to…

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  • Bad deal for Viktor Arvidsson, great deal for Predators

    After the Nashville Predators lost in the Stanley Cup Final to the Pittsburgh Penguins, a few things gained clarity. Like the fact that Nashville was the envy of other hockey towns, with an ever-expanding fan base of catfish-chucking party people (and it’s a great place to live!). The challenge for GM David Poile was making shrewd financial moves to ensure that core remained together, not only for another run or two with Pekka Rinne in goal but for the future.

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  • Tarek El Moussa Just Revealed What Pushed Him to File For Divorce and It Might Shock You

    When Tarek El Moussa filed for divorce from wife and HGTV partner in crime Christina El Moussa in December 2016, we had a lot of questions, and now, he's telling all. Tarek recently sat down with Us Weekly to talk about what caused his split, as well as that shocking incident where Christina called the cops on her then-husband in May of last year. "It was a gradual thing over time," the Flip or Flop star said when asked about what went wrong in his marriage. "We were both very busy people with health issues and kids. We didn't fight, we just grew apart." He explained that his battle with cancer took a toll on their relationship, as well as Christina's fertility issues and their miscarriage after

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  • Homicide detectives seek person of interest in suspicious death

    Edmonton police are looking to speak with a man about a suspicious death on Friday in west Edmonton. On Saturday, the Edmonton police issued a media release asking for the public's help finding Kendall Desjarlais, 32.

  • Draymond Green, Conor McGregor trade social media blows over Warriors jersey

    It was only a matter of time before Draymond Green wound up embroiled the sports world's loudest, brashest spectacle.

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