• Expect more Indigenous requests to rename places, advocate says

    Alberta regulations mean an Indigenous group cannot ask to rename Calgary and Canmore, provincial officials say, but an Indigenous advocate says these kinds of requests are part of “hard conversations” connected to reconciliation that Canada must have.

  • Seahawks' Jefferson charges at fans after Seattle cheap-shots Jags' victory formation

    The Seattle Seahawks ended Sunday night's game against Jacksonville on an ugly note.

  • Victim says police not doing enough to find convicted rapist who vanished before sentencing

    After the man convicted of raping her vanished, the victim says police in Saskatoon have done little to find him despite leads suggesting he is still in Canada. Sarah was raped for hours at the University of Saskatchewan's McEown Park dormitory in the early hours of New Year's Day 2012. Timloh "Butchang" Nkem was arrested, charged and convicted of sexual assault but never showed up for sentencing and hasn't been seen since.

  • Cheeky Santas dash through Yorkville to raise funds for SickKids Hospital

    A group of local Santas braved the winter weather on Saturday to make a cheeky dash through the Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood to raise funds for SickKids Hospital. Participants in the Toronto Santa Speedo Run donned red and white swimsuits and ran three kilometres in a "modified figure eight through Yorkville, hitting all the big streets: Bay, Yorkville, Cumberland," head-Santa Matt Freeman said. "We're just really augmenting the shopping experience of those people in Yorkville today," he said.

  • Teachers wanted: B.C. at 'crisis' point in effort to fill jobs, jobs, jobs

    Teachers have their pick of jobs in British Columbia, but the head of their union warns that some students are going without their specially trained educators who are covering substitute positions that districts haven't been able to fill. B.C. Teachers Federation president Glen Hansman said students requiring one-on-one attention or support in small groups from special education teachers are shouldering the burden of staffing issues. "The bulk of the time, it's the child who's supposed to be receiving special education services who's unfairly having their program bumped that day," Hansman said.

  • On Haida Gwaii, logging plans expose rift in reconciliation

    The B.C. government is "pursuing profit over culture and community" by selling logging rights on Haida Gwaii without permission, the president of the Council of the Haida Nation says. "The pent-up frustration on Haida Gwaii has built up to the place where it's going to blow out," he said. Kil tlaats 'gaa said the province's actions underscore deeper divisions over the future of Haida Gwaii, an archipelago off B.C.'s west coast whose physical beauty draws tourists from around the globe but whose economy is also heavily reliant on a decreasing number of forestry jobs.

  • 4 Psychological Symptoms of Depression

    Despite how common depression is, it can easily be ignored or misdiagnosed, which is harmful because when left unchecked, the mood disorder can be debilitating. Depression manifests itself in many different ways that that are subjective to each sufferer, and while you may know the physical symptoms, there are a few common psychological signs not to ignore. According to Dr Rafael Euba, a consultant psychiatrist from The London Psychiatry Centre, the following are a few signs to look out for.