• Dalhousie student faces disciplinary action over Canada 150 post

    A Dalhousie University student is facing disciplinary action over a post she made to Facebook in the summer about Canada 150 celebrations. Masuma Khan said she was given the option to undergo counselling and write a reflective essay after the Halifax-based school conducted an investigation into a complaint about her online comments, but she says she refused. "It was really offensive, to be honest, for the university to tell me that they're going to teach me how to talk about racism in a more collaborative way, when racism is very harsh … there's no nice way to talk about it," the 22-year-old Muslim woman said.

  • 'Get out of my way': Nurse recounts frantic efforts in Edmonton dental office to revive little girl

    Alerted to a medical emergency at the dental office next door, registered nurse Chelsea Moriartey grabbed a crash cart and ran to help. Dr. William Mather was holding a mask over the girl's mouth. The final witness called by tribunal counsel at the dental college hearing into Mather's alleged professional misconduct, Moriartey, who is also a CPR instructor, said she instantly realized the other nurse was using the wrong technique.

  • Breaking down the boot boom: Why are Blundstones so popular?

    It seems to be a common problem in mudrooms across Canada, and it's all because of the popularity of Blundstone Originals - slip-on, ankle-length leather boots with elastic sides. "Every porch you go into, pretty much, you're going to see a pile of, typically, rustic browns in the corner," says Jameila Ali, who handles marketing and inventory at First Western Boutique in St. John's, one of Canada's earliest sellers of Blundstones. First Western Boutique on Duckworth Street has been open since 1999, and started selling Blundstone boots shortly after.

  • Air Berlin Pilots Pull Dramatic Take-Off Stunt for Last Long-Haul Flight

    Air Berlin pilots pulled a dramatic stunt by staging a flypast at Duesseldorf Airport on the airline’s final long-haul flight Monday, October 16. The video shows the Airbus A330 from Miami fly low over the runway before banking sharply over the terminal. Reuters reported that Air Berlin had suspended the two pilots of Flight AB7001. Air Berlin filed for insolvency on August 15 and Lufthansa has announced it would buy part of the airline’s operations. Mylos Besselingitza captured dramatic footage of the go-around, which alarmed some of the passengers at the airport. Credit: Mylos Besseling via Storyful

  • Witness: Workplace shooter was increasingly angry, hostile

    A witness to the deadly rampage inside a Maryland granite company said Thursday that the suspect, Radee Prince, had gathered a small group of his co-workers together by saying "come with me, I want to say something to everybody." Without another word, he opened fire. The witness, a man who worked at the countertop making company for a year and a half, said when Prince arrived on Wednesday morning he responded to a polite greeting with harsh language describing Advanced Granite Solutions and its workers. The employee said Prince had approached him a month ago and angrily accused him of gossiping.

  • Yankees relying on a resurgent CC Sabathia to send them to World Series

    CC Sabathia completely rebuilt himself as a pitcher, and made himself the guy the Yankees want on the mound in Game 7 of the ALCS.

  • Japan wrestles with future of its pacifist constitution ahead of election Sunday

    Mitome is one of about three dozen people from Japan's political left who have shown up in a windowless meeting room in Tokyo to talk strategy for the general election on Sunday. A key issue as Japanese people head to the ballot box is whether the country should modify its pacifist constitution. Proponents, like the frontrunner and current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, say they want to end debate over the constitutionality of the country's de facto armed forces by specifically spelling out their role.